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My wife being used by some guys

Mature wife used by strangers
Mature wife used by strangers

We had been expecting a new sofa to be delivered for a while now and that got me thinking about a good game I can play when it arrived. We got the phone call to say that the deliverymen were half an hour away so I told my submissive wife it was time to play. I ordered her to strip down to a pair of stockings and a suspender belt then put her in her collar and leash then made her wait in the kitchen. Soon the doorbell rang and I asked the delivery men in and showed them where I wanted the sofa, I also asked them if they would like a drink then as they went off to get my new furniture I gave my wife the drinks order. By the time they came back, she was standing there in the living room with a drink in each hand, standing there blindfolded, she didn’t even know what those guys looked like nor could she see the shocked looks on their faces as they came in and saw her stood nude in front of them! 😀 When I suggested that they receive a tip for their hard work, they knew what I meant and so did my wife as she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, ready for the first cock!

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