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Buying new stock

Girls for sale
Girls for sale

The market was looking to be a bust, there was really nothing interesting to be found, all that was there really was were worn-out old stock looking to be replaced. I was about to leave disappointed when I stumbled across an out-of-the way area that seemed to have been overlooked by most people. In the stall was those two beauties. The master was looking to get rid of them as his stable of girls was getting too big to manage and as those two leashed and bound girls were by far the best on offer today, I managed to strike a deal for the pair. I’m not too sure what I’ll do with those two yet but I’m leaning towards having the brunette as a bedroom slave and use the blonde as a general house slave.

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I would have them branded chained stripped naked heavy chain on bodies iron collars shackled leg no escape then sold to Roman trade galley ship naked oarsome she is fit for fucking ripe for breeding sold 17yr old

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